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VIP-Masterlink with balancer VWK-2S

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  • Using two 2leg slings, one is equipped with a balancer and both masterlinks are in a crane hook.
  • The calculation for the capacity can be based on 4 bearing legs.
  • Provided the load is symmetrical and the inclination angle is max 90° included angle (UVV § 30/3).
  • Available up to crane size no. 2,5 DIN 15401. V-WK 2S consist of: 1x VIP-Masterlink without VRG 1x VIP shackle 1x VIP balancer 2x VIP VGSCH
  • Chain strands, end fittings and second VIP 2-leg strands have to be ordered seperatly.
  • Please take different chain lengths into consideration.
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V-WK 2S-642001.5022411060110137984334 
V-WK 2S-870002.8028815075135187984335 
V-WK 2S-10112006.8035418090160227984336 
V-WK 2S-131820010.70428240100180267984337 
V-WK 2S-162800020.20507300110200327984338 
V-WK 2S-204500035.30682300180340407984339 
V-WK 2S-225600050.00726350180340457984340