VIP-Spreader bar adjustable VSRV

  • Product Code: 86001
  • Total length: 1500 - 4000 mm Advise total length required with order.
  • Connection with VSV1/2 or VCGH. Surface: Up to a total length of 2500 mm:
  • Pink powdercoated Longer than 2500 mm: yellow painted VIP spreader bar are non stock items.
  • Production is according to customer requirements.
  • Please take delivery time into your consideration.
Cenas uzradītas bez PVN
Maks. kg
ЅВес kg
T mm
A mm
B mm
VSRV 62100-20013368600120 
VSRV 83500-25016508600121 
VSRV 105600-30022658600122 
VSRV 139100-36026658600123 
VSRV 1614000-25028358600124 
VSRV 2022400-28533458600125 
VSRV 2228000-29038508600126