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  • Surface: Corrud-DS-black. This coating is 20 times more red rust resistant than zinc plating.
  • Chains stamped with VIP are manufactured with tighter tolerances in the inner width (size B).
  • The BG (Berufsgenossenschaft : German testing authority) awarded XXX to stamp their VIP chain strands with the following:
  • H1 indicates manufacturer`s number. 1=XXX
  • 8S means special quality, higher than quality grade 8 Quality Verification: At regular intervals chains are stamped with a serial and batch number.
  • This identification guarantees a continuous record of the manufacturing and proof data, for a period of 10 years.
  • Geometric construction and tolerances of the VIP-chains are adapted to a higher quality class. · Material: CrNiMo-special steel.
  • Special heat treatment, high toughness, min. ultimate elongation for natural black 25%, Surface treated min 20%.
  • Less sensitive to notching and hydrogen embrittlement than quality grade 8.
  • The bending test acc. to standard specifications of DIN EN 818-2-8, bending min F=0.8xd is by far exceeded.
  • WLL : manufacturing proof load : breaking force =1 : 2,5 : 4
  • Owing to a special heat treatment developed by XXX, high dynamic XXX VIP-chains are more insensitive to external mechanical wear friction and to damages.
  • Therefore a longer lifetime of VIP-chain is guaranteed.
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