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VIP Minilifter VML

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Preces apraksts
  • Suspension link with integrated shortening device specially developed for the 4mm VIP lifting chain.
  • Can also be used as a single leg strand (Endlink 7990215 assemblied at the end of chain strand as a stop device).
  • With pressing the locking bolt the chain crucifix is freed and the chain can run smoothly through and shortened to the desired length.
  • Ideal for small loads up to 880 kg (on a 2 leg application).
Cenas uzradītas bez PVN
Maks. kg
Svars kg
T mm
A mm
B mm
C mm
VML 2-48800.35661030 7984478 
VML 4-413200.861501035607984479 
End-closelink      7990215