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About the company

SIA ALEX INDUSTRY  - leading enterprise for over 27 years. 

We have been established in 1996 to ensure the safety and security of your cargo! 

Properly secured cargo and skillfully executed loading (and unloading) operations are the primary factors why clients choose us. 

Our services are beneficial for:

  •  Enterprises involved in cargo transportation and ship supply.
  •  Construction (building) organizations.
  •  Government structures:
Our advantages:
Competitive price, favorable collaboration terms, swift order fulfillment, quality assurance. 
With the most powerful testing equipment in the Baltic states, we uphold high-quality standards for rope pressing procedures and manufactured our own chains and wire slings, sew synthetic slings and cargo straps on German equipment.
Having garnered extensive experience and employing highly qualified specialists, we extend our services not only to Latvian enterprises, but also operate within the international market. 
Contact us, as we are always glad to address any inquiries. 


Our clients:


Our goal is to establish lasting partnerships while delivering top-quality services. 

Regards, ALEX INDUSTRY team!