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About the company

SIA ALEX INDUSTRY founded in 1996 At the time it was a little enterprise, but with a big mission . A properly secured load, as well as safety while loading and unloading operations, have stimulated the creation of our company. The hard way had to overcome in order to convey the importance and need for our products. Now our client base is expanding every year , they are the companies engaged in transportation of cargo, supply of vessels, construction companies, etc.

The next stage of development was to provide high-speed execution of orders and the ability to offer competitive prices. In 1997, the firm receives a license(№.2.1.7.-8.) and starting the production chain and wire rope slings , buys large quantities of goods for warehouse, high quality equipment for pressing the cable, and also the most powerful in the Baltic States testing machine.

At the moment ALEX INDUSTRY has reached 1 400 00 EUR turnover per year. We cooperate with many companies from different countries of the world, on the local market our clients are such enterprises as Latvenergo,Latvijas Dzelzceļš, Riga city Executive Committee sketch,Latvijas Gāze,Rīgas Kuģu Būvetava etc the customers Themselves tell us in what direction to move into the development of profession-specific, we have grown into a widely-branch enterprise.

Now our goal is to open an industrial center with many shops on the assortment of additional, but not competing with each other. And it is not transcendental dream, because since 2004 the company has real estate in a promissing and developed area of the city.

We are open to any new cooperation, for this we invite you to visit our web site to familiarize you with our products and services.

Our goal is a long – term cooperation and quality of services!

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