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Use of the material in series ENORM class 10 to ensure

to increase the greatest amount of work by 25% without increasing the size of the

вертлюга, compared with a range of TAWSK.


- Mark laying down on the вертлюге, a clear indication of the angle.

- In addition to the system of the spherical bearing allows for smooth

rotation of the suspended load around the axis of the suspension under the influence of a load.

- Transmitted lengthwise of the link to prevent turning.

- Protection from corrosion, as the internal and external surface is provided with

help solid zinc coating.

- Improved the shape of the вертлюга to ensure прилегания surface

for, thanks to special processing.

- Depreciation of the spherical bearing can visually determine which spaces

the компенсационном ring, not using a measuring device.

- Anchorage four times, protected from the cracks in all directions action


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