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  • New developed VIP connecting link for universal application.
  • This combi version consists of 2 halves where either chains and components from the same size can be attached or other parts such as lifting points, lifting clamps etc.
  • The relieable tensioning sleeve system prevents the connecting bolt from moving in the horizontal.
  • The halves of the VVS-U and VVS-V can be combined variable in the same size.
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Type Max
. kg
Weight kg
T mm
A mm
B mm
C mm
D mm
E mm
F mm
VVS-U 615000.1040145012813147988419 
VVS-U 825000.18531964161019197985714 
VVS-U 1040000.40702380201323237985715 
VVS-U 1365000.64802795251727277984293 
VVS-U 16100001.5010433125312033337986984 
VVS-U 20160003.0012442155402541507984055