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  • Forged suspension link specially developed for the 4mm VIP lifting chain according to DIN EN 1677-4.
  • Super Corrosion coating due to RUD-Magic-Black.Please note: According BGV-C1 the WLLS have to be divided by 2.
  • Please use the center connection for single leg strand. Can also be used as an end link (Dissaembly of the ID tag is reccomended).
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Max. kg
Weight kg
T mm
A mm
B mm
C mm
D mm
E mm
VAKB 1/2-48800.1055930282067989034 
VMLB 2-48800.35661030---7984478 
VAKB 1-615000.541381360110--7988060 
VAKB 1-825000.901471660110--7988061 
VAKB 1-1040001.441811875135--7991259 
VAKB 2-621000.651381360110--7988062 
VAKB 2-835001.401721875135--7988063