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  • The RUD Starpoint takes eye bolt technology into the next generation.
  • Years of development and testing are gone it bring this eyebolt to the market.
  • The RUD Starpoint can be adjusted to the direction of pull, thus allowing the WLLS to be maintained during lifting, and no unintended untightening of the Starpoint occurs.
  • Please note: According BGV-C1 the WLLS have to be divided by 2.
  • Unique Star shape, giving a clear distinction between the eye bolts the DIN 580.
  • Special heat treated star key for fixing ( no other tools required ).
  • Super corrosion coating due to RUD-Magic-Black.
  • Clearly marked nominal WLLS calculated in the direction F2, which is the worst loading case.
  • This is not allowed with DIN 580 eye bolts. - electromagnetic crack detection acc it, EN 1677
  • High tensile forged material 1.6541
  • Safety Hints: The Starpoint must have a clean flat surface on which to be bolted to it.
  • The minimum material quality into which it may be bolted into is 1.0037 (St 37).
  • The mounting key must be removed from the hexagon bolt before lifting takes place, to ensure that the Starpoint can be adjusted to the direction of pull.
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VRSB-F-M1615000.30 4924 15
VRSB-F-M2023000.505730 17
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14 35 35 16 65 40 10227988951 
16 40 40 20 75 50 12 287988952