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Quick-mounting Aluminium gantry crane

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High speed aluminum gantry crane

Company ALEX INDUSTRY offers an original and new solution for handling.

Lifting devices often have limited mounting options, since we provide mobile cranes, mobile settings (adjustable height, length, lively handling and the use of various conditions).

Used in:

Industry and construction
For rural and urban areas
- Work in waste water
- Work with sanitation and air conditioning

Installation takes 5 minutes with one person

1. To put the beam on the supports
2. To secure the special bolts
3. Put the roller beam to the top beam and tighten the bolts.
4. Hang chain hoist is Ready!


- Move and lift heavy loads
- For pulling motors
- Repair and maintenance of pumps
- Loading and unloading trucks
- For use in workshops and companies

Prices do not include VAT


Load kg

Height min/max




Distance between feet mm

Weight kg


Mini10001180/21002000 - 42331295113

Standard10001680/30002000 - 42331743121

Maxi10002230/40002000 - 42332238145