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Our labels are blue and contain the following information:

Breaking strength / Breaking force:

The value BFв kg

Clamping force/ Lashing force:

The value LFв kg

· Pinch strength/LashingCapacity:

The value given LCв

· Standard hand force/StandardHandForce:

ЗначениеSHFв Dan

· Standard tension force/StandardTensionForce:

The value given STFв

· Elongation of the belt:

measured in % when the value LC

· Warning:

Cannot be used for lifting!

· Length:

Is measured in meters

· Material data

· Code tracing AI serial number

· Standard: EN12195-2

· The name of the manufacturer

· Date of manufacture

We offer our customers to laminate the label and sew it into a loop to avoid the penalty for unreadable text on the label due to the impact of the environment. It gives almost 100% guarantee the safety labels .

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