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Wormgear winches WW2000-5000 kg - D

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WW2000-3000-4000-5000 ../D

Manual worm:

  • robust and safe hoisting winch, with two speeds
  • square worm gear in a worm gearbox and bearing without maintenance
  • cable outlet on top or rear
  • adjustable crank from 250 to 380mm, with ergonomic plastic handle
  • load brake with double ratchet system
  • painted or galvanized surface
  • grooved drum as extra option (GD instead of 2D)
  • multi compartment drum possible (2D instead of D)
  • 2 compartments for cables (2D instead of D) possible individually
  • in accordance with DIN 15020 and the German safety regulations for lifting and pulling

Equipment VBG 8/2003

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